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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds provide a decorative and effective method in which to control light
while still maintaining a perfect view.

Fabric vertical blinds are the most common types of blinds in offices. However, they are growing  in popularity  because of the sleek
look they add to contemporary styled homes.

The vertical states allow the blinds to cover large windows and sliding doors parting left, right or splitting  evenly to either side. When vertical blinds slats are
tilted, they allow light to enter, they can open up the view and at the same time offer a degree of privacy.

Our vertical blinds continue to be popular with architects and corporate institutions remaining substantially cheaper as a modern windows treatment, functional and easy to clean.

Roller Blinds

Percolate your light with simple roller blinds - an uncluttered  window treatment. Without  the need for curtains, they are too economical.


The Magpie Venetian blinds are very versatile; apart from diffusing the light horizontally, they can retard or enhance the outdoor  view into animated strips of colour.

Venetian blinds are discreet, smart and give extremely efficient light control. They are an excellent choice if the room is inquisitively overlooked striking just the right balance between providing  privacy and capturing the
tranquillity of daylight coming in.

Collection  uses aluminium  Head & Bottom rails for improved quality in both the aluminium  and wooded Venetian blinds. This eliminates the corrosive effect and increases their life span.

The Magpie Collection  has an extensive colour range of aluminium  Venetian blinds, namely 55 variations in 25mm slat width and 29 variation in

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo has both a functional role and fashionably ethnic appeal.

The Magpie Collection offers high quality reeds imported form Asia.

This natural material brings to our blinds a tough, lightweight and flexible quality. As hanging blinds, they deflect the fierce midsummer

Raffia Blinds

Raffia blinds are made from the natural palm stem "Raffia Raffia Penducalata", which is grown in tropical areas around the world. The raffia blades
are hand woven and are made into durable roll-up  blinds which are mostly used for outdoor  purposes in homes, hotels, game lodges, bungalows, offices and
outside terraces.

They are easy to clean and can maintain their original appearance longer than other palm or reed stems.