This is intended to provide vital information about the specifications and unique features of Magpie’s Carports

Adherence to Universal standards

In general terms, we share many of the usual specifiactions required of a carport in that we use basic bay size of width 2.5 meters by a car depth of 5 meters. Height can be varied according to the client’s requirements.

Manufactured to individual specifications

All our Carports, both ‘standard’ and ‘cantilevered’ are manufactured to individual requirements and erected at the factory before installation at site. We have a wide range of colours available, both in standard 80% shade cover range and our unique 96% ‘UV Superblock’ range. Height can be varied according to the client’s requirements and the steel can be painted as requested (This last item is not common to all suppliers and is dependent upon the quality of service the company offers)

Unique design for Durability and Aesthetic appeal

The single most impressive unique feature about Magpie Carports is that we are the only supplier in Botswana who provides shade tops constructed from a 50mm tubular steel frame as opposed to the industry standard who use tensile steel wires. The rigid frame eliminates the most common complaint with carports which is that they quickly became loose and ‘floppy’ and rip apart in high winds. Visually, our carports are best described as ‘Striking and Magnificent’ which add value to the premises and surrounding areas
5 year guaranteeMagpie offers a guarantee that under normal conditions (i.e. nothing has fallen on the structure or crushed into it), our Carports will look exactly the same after 5 years as they did when they were first installed. (Apart from some obvious fading of the fabric colour).

Best choice!

Our carports are fast becoming the required standard in Botswana for people who realize that economy is best served by products which do not need to be constantly upgraded or repaired
If you would like further information or would like to view existing installations, please do not hesitate to contact us and talk to one of our friendly sales representatives

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