Garage Doors 

Steel Sectional Garage Doors

Our steel sectional doors are made from superior graded steel which is woodgrain embossed for strength and beauty. The steel is roll-formed and pressed to create a natural looking  "woodgrain" texture to increase strength, rigidity  and beauty.

These doors are durable and require minimal maintenance. Optional vision windows in various designs can be fitted to suit your design choice.

Wooden Sectional Garage Doors

  • All our wooden sectional doors are manufactured by laminating  the timber to construct either the raised and fielded panel pattern or horizontal slatted weatherboard. Laminating ensures extremely rigid, strong
    and stable doors designed to last a lifetime.

    There are extremely few wooden garage doors constructed with mortise and tenon joints today. Unfortunately, few know the difference until the door falls apart.

    All our doors last a lifetime.